Paul Norton - Guitar, Vocals

Additional Information

Paul hails from Minneapolis, where he began his songwriting quest during his college days at the University of MN. He is always cranking out new tunes for the band, and is our fearless leader. Paul began his musical career as a founding member of The Verge, a popular fixture on the Minneapolis Indie Rock scene during the ‘80s and ‘90s. After The Verge, Paul hooked up with a couple friends to form the Alt Rock Minneapolis band, Buzzcraft and played with that group through the 2000s. After Buzzcraft, Paul focused on writing a fresh repertoire of songs, to bring to a new band concept. In 2014, that band came to fruition as the Static Jones Band. In addition to music, Paul has a passion for the Craft Brewing industry, and spent 9 years on the Board of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. He is a co-founder of the popular beer festival, The Autumn Brew Review, and he helped the Guild to push legislative changes for the Minnesota brewing industry. Paul is also an avid baseball fan.


Dave Jaffray - Lead Guitar, Vocals

At an early age Dave saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the rest is history. Growing up he self-taught on Clapton, Hendrix, the Stones, the Allman Brothers, Santana, the Grateful Dead, and many more. In high school he studied classical piano and theory while singing in a men's chorus and a barbershop group.   College was all about the folkie coffeehouse thing, and then he worked the Minnesota rock club scene for a few years playing everywhere with the bands Condor and T-Kail.  Raising his family kept him on the acoustic for many years, but now he's back, plugged in, and enjoying every minute.


Jay Hyre - Drums, Vocals

Jay has been playing drums since he was in middle school, and started playing in bands shortly afterwards.  He has played guitar, bass and drums in bands for years, but always end up back behind a kit where it all began.  His influences are all across the board, from Bohnam to Cobham, Copeland to Carey and many points in between.  Jay is also a singer, songwriter and an essential key to the arrangement process for the band.


Tim Roesler - Keyboards, Vocals

Classically trained on piano, and french horn, Tim loves anything melodic. He gravitated to jazz and rock getting hooked on bassists like Phil Lesh, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Carl Radle and Berry Oakley, so of course he first played bass. But he fed on the big ensemble band sounds of Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, and George Harrison. So Tim jumped at the chance to fill in the Static sound with some B-3/Leslie, and classic piano.


Judd Williams - Bass

Judd is from these parts but started playing bass with the Chandeliers, a 13 piece Motown combo out of Colorado Springs.  Other stints included soul and rockabilly bands out of Milwaukee and Colorado. Judd has been influenced by alternative roots music for the last 30 years and he considers himself lucky to land in the Static Jones band.